• Swansea Housing Association Policy Summary

    Lettings Policy Summary

    Any person may apply for housing by telephoning the Association or calling in to the office at 11 Wind Street, Swansea or 26 Windsor Road, Neath. We will ask you a number of questions about your housing circumstances and we will need to know your National Insurance Number. Please note that we operate an Equal Opportunities Policy and we welcome applications from all people regardless of race, nationality, ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation religion or disability  

    • We determine priority between applicants by using a points system. Points are awarded for a number of factors based on your circumstances. These factors are: 

    • No security of tenure – 10 This means that you could lose your home without a Court Order.  
    • Overcrowding – 10/20 Where you do not have enough room to meet your needs. This is measured by the number of bedrooms available for your use  
    • Under –occupation – 10/20 Where you have too much room  
    • Sharing basic amenities – 10 Such as a kitchen or bathroom with another household.  
    • Disrepair -10/20 Where your home is in a poor state of repair  
    • Access to work – 20 Where you have a job and you have difficulty in getting to work from your current home  
    • Affordability – 20 Where your current home is too expensive for your means  
    • Medical problems – 10/20/30 Which are made worse by your current housing circumstances  
    • Any other exceptional circumstances – 10/20/30 Which may be particular to you and which affect your housing  

    • If you own your own house or have significant savings, you may still apply, but we will need to know details of the value of your property or any savings to see if you are able to resolve your housing problems by your own means. 

    •We will take account of the type of accommodation you want and where you wish to live. If you have sufficient points you will be included on the appropriate waiting list for the areas of your choice. We will advise you of where we have properties and your chances of being housed. 

    • We receive more applications for housing than there are vacancies. Consequently we are unable to help a large number of people. This means that if your housing circumstances are not as bad as others you will not be included on our waiting lists. When this happens you will be informed straight away. If you wish, our Housing Manager will review your application to see if it has been treated fairly and correctly.  

    • Please note that we may suspend your application if you have previously been evicted or proceedings were started to evict you, by a social landlord, such as another housing association or Council. If you have previously been a tenant of ours and you left owing us money, you will need to repay this or take reasonable steps to repay this before we will re-house you.  

    • The information you give should be correct and you may be penalised if we find out that it is false or misleading.  

    • We offer up to 50% of our vacancies to nominees of the Local Authority. You should therefore ensure that you are also registered on the Local Authority list.  

    • We work with a number of organisations who support vulnerable people with managing their tenancies. If you are currently living in supported accommodation we will re-house you in accordance with the appropriate move-on arrangements from that housing scheme. If you or we feel that you will need support to manage a tenancy we will refer you to the appropriate organisation.  

    • We will allocate housing to the most highly pointed applicant on the waiting list for that property and area. We will take account of applicants’ preferences and the needs of the community in making allocations. 

    • Where applicants have been awarded the same points, we will allocate the vacancy firstly to the applicant who has a local connection in which the vacancy occurs. Where both applicants have a local connection or no connection has been established we will allocate the vacancy to the earliest application 

    • If a vacancy proves to be difficult to let we may allocate to a person who is not the most highly pointed if we consider it the only way to achieve a letting.  

    • You may receive two reasonable offers of accommodation. A reasonable offer is one where the property is of the right type and in the area where you have stated that you wish to live.  

    • If you are unhappy with the way in which your application has been dealt with you may appeal to our Housing Manager, who will look at your appeal. If you remain unhappy, you may make a further appeal to our Board of Management. If the matter remains unresolved to your satisfaction you may contact the Public Services Ombudsman 


    Welcome to Swansea Housing Association

    We are a non-profit making organisation registered with the National Assembly for Wales.
    We provide homes in the Swansea and Neath Port Talbot areas for a wide variety of people of different age groups, many with different needs and accommodation preferences.
    We are managed by an unpaid voluntary Board of Management. Paid staff led by the Chief Executive carry out the day to day work of the Association.
    The Association is registered with the Registrar of Friendly Societies as an Industrial and Provident Society with charitable rules.
    We are committed to developing and promoting environmentally friendly methods in all aspects of our business.
    Our aim is to encourage staff, tenants, contractors and working partners to use, replace and dispose of resources in the best way. We hope that you can join us in this commitment so that we can work together to ‘save the planet’.
    Vast amounts of energy are used to mine and transport raw materials so the best thing to do is to use less.

    There are, therefore, three main objectives:

    The Best Usage

    The more economical we are with, and the less we use of essential natural materials, the less waste and pollution we will cause.

    The Best Replacement

    Only buy what you need, and look for durable goods that are produced in an environmentally-friendly way.

    The Best Disposal

    Try to reuse and recycle waste where possible, and dispose of all other waste in a safe way.

    Your rights

    If you have a joint tenancy with your partner, friend, or relative, you both have the full rights and responsibilities as set out in your tenancy agreement.
    If you wish to create a joint tenancy with a partner, friend or relative, we will only grant permission where:

    • you can clearly show that the person you wish to hold the joint tenancy with has been been resident with you in our property for 12 months;
    • you are a sole tenant who has married and you wish to make your partner, a joint tenant.
    • that no overcrowding will occur as a result of the creation of the joint tenancy

    right to buy

    The Right to Buy scheme helps eligible council and housing association tenants in England to buy their home with a discount of up to £112,300 (£84,200 outside London). use our website to find out if you are eligible for the scheme. depending on your circumstances it may be best to speak with a specialist mortgage broker, we have partnered with Get Me My Mortgage who specialise in securing mortgages for customers who may not fit into the normal criteria of a high street bank

  • Tenant Involvement

    Tenant Compact
    The Tenant Compact sets out the way in which we will consult and involve you in the way we deliver our services and what information you will be given. The Tenant Compact is a fundamental part of our Best Value process.

    We will give you information about our services, our performance, changes to policies, the way in which we provide a service, and how we let our properties.

    We will give you this information in a number of ways:

    • Written information such as this Handbook, the Annual Report, letters and our newsletter, HomeFront
    • Personal contact through locally based staff, such as caretakers and wardens, as well as office staff. The office staff will meet you either in the office or in your home.
  • The Association and You

    If you are a tenant of Swansea Housing Association, here are some details about your tenancy, your rights and what services you can expect from us.

    Equal Opportunities

    We believe that everyone should have equal access to services and should be treated with courtesy and respect. We will always try to make sure that the services we provide are delivered in a way that is in keeping with this belief.

    We expect staff, tenants, neighbours and others to respect this belief.

    We will not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment on the grounds of:

    • Race, ethnic origin, skin colour
    • Religion
    • Age
    • Marital Status
    • Sexuality
    • Physical Disability
    • Mental Health Problem
    • any other reason

    We take reports of discrimination made by tenants and staff very seriously. Each allegation is investigated individually. If you feel you have been unfairly treated please contact us.

    You can use the complaints procedure, or alternatively you can contact a member of staff you feel comfortable talking with.

  • Apply for accomodation

    Anyone aged 16 or over can apply for accommodation with Swansea Housing Association. Simply telephone us on 01792 479200 for an instant assessment on whether you qualify.

    We use a points system to asess housing need fairly. Only those applicants with enough points and a reasonable chance of being housed will be included on the waiting list.

    We will assess your housing need using a points system. Points are awarded if:

    • you do not have a right to live in your home
    • you are over crowded
    • your home is too big for your needs
    • you lack or share basic amenities like a kitchen or bathroom with someone else
    • your home needs repairs and is in poor condition
    • you need to move to be able to get to work easily
    • you cannot afford your current rent or mortgage costs
    • you have medical or support needs that are made worse by your current housing

    If you qualify to be included on the waiting list list we will then arrange to meet with you to discuss your housing needs and give you an idea of when you may get a home. You will be able to chose where you want to live, but the length of time that you will have to wait will depend on whether we have the type of property you need in the area you want to live, the number of people ahead of you on that waiting list and how often vacancies occur.

  • Accommodations

    Our Homes

    Swansea Housing Association has over 3000 homes for rent in the Swansea, Neath and Port Talbot areas. These homes include studio apartments, flats, houses and bungalows in different sizes ranging from one bedroom flats to family homes. They are also suitable for a variety of tenants such as single persons, childless couples, older people, and people with disabilities.

    Our accommodation for people with disabilities is often purpose built but there are also many homes which have been adapted to suit the individual tenant. In addition to providing home with facilities for people with disabilities, our Community Services Section works in partnership with a number of organisations to meet the housing and support needs of homeless people, people who are recovering from a mental health problems, people with learning difficulties and young people.

    We also build homes for people aged over 55 and offer additional support for our older tenants.

    Many of our properties are serviced by a caretaker who provides a friendly service to our tenants and keeps the outside of the properties clean. Caretakers visit most of our properties on a regular basis and carry out general maintenance and repairs.

    Our homes in Swansea

    Brynhyfryd, Brynmelyn, Brynmill, Cockett, Cwmbwrla, Cwmfelin, Dunvant, Fforestfach, Gendros, Hafod, Killay, Landore, Llangyfelach, Manselton, Mayhill, Morriston, Mount Pleasant, Mumbles, Penclawdd, Sandfields, Sketty, Townhill, Town Centre, Tycoch, Treboeth, Uplands, Waun Wen, Waunarlwydd, West Cross

    Our homes in Neath Port Talbot

    Briton Ferry, Cadoxton, Cimla, Cilfrew, Crynant, Glynneath, Melyn, Town Centre, Seven Sisters, Skewen, Stockham’s Corner, Waunceirch.

    Some areas are very popular, which of course means you may not get housed as quickly as you may wish. Also we may not have many homes in some areas. We also keep a register for people who need specially adapted homes and if you have a particular disability that means you require a special type of home you will be referred to our Community Services Section.

    What sort of homes are available?

    We offer studio apartments, flats, houses and bungalows. They are all unfurnished. The weekly rent will vary depending on the size of the property and whether we provide any additional services such as lighting and gardening to communal areas, lift, laundry etc.

    Do we allow pets?

    Permission from your Area Housing Officer is needed before you get a cat or dog. Some homes don’t have their own gardens or share communal entrances and wouldn’t be suitable.

  • About Us


    Aims & Objectives  

    Swansea Housing Association is a non-profit-making organisation set up in 1978. The Association operates in City & County of Swansea and in Neath Port Talbot, and provides housing for rent for a range of people including single persons, families, single parents, physically disabled, elderly persons and persons with learning difficulties.  

    Swansea Housing Association is registered with: 

    • Registrar of Friendly Societies under the Industrial & Provident Act 1965 – Model H 1991 C/A (Charitable) rules  
    • Welsh Assembly Government – Registration Number J 047.  
    • VAT Registration – 587 9137 81  
    • Officer of Fair Trading – Consumer Credit Licence No. 245936  
    • Data Protection – Registration No. B1035098  

    Membership of the Association  

    Apart from members of staff, any person over the age of 18, societies, companies and local authorities can apply to the Board of Management for Membership. The Board has the discretion to accept or refuse membership. Members hold a £1 share in the Association.  

    It is the policy of the Association to encourage membership from all sections of the community and to maintain a balanced representation between tenants, local residents and professional persons.  

    Board of Management Membership  

    The Association is run by a voluntary Board of Management comprising a maximum of 15 members with the common aim of providing affordable homes for people in need. Their role is to oversee the work of the Association by attending meetings, keeping up-to-date on a wide range of housing issues and attending regular training courses.  

    Before becoming a Member of the Board of Management, each individual or organisation must first be a fully paid up share members.  

    Board Meetings are held every two months. There are also several committees which meet at regular intervals and report to the Board. These are:  

    • – Development Committee
    • – Finance Committee  
    • – Housing Management & Maintenance Committee.  
    • – Community Services Committee  
    • – Audit Committee Offices  

    The Association’s main offices are at 11 Wind Street, Swansea There is a small office at 26 Windsor Road, Neath 

  • Giving Feedback and Complaining

    Swansea Housing Association aims to provide a high quality of service to its tenants and the local community, but we may not always get it right. If you have a problem or complaint, we will try our best to resolve it quickly and effectively.  

    Your views are important to us. We welcome comments on our performance and will consider any suggestions you make which might help us improve our service.  

    Our Promise to You  

    It is our aim to respond quickly to your complaint and to take steps to ensure a similar problem does not arise again.  

    We will acknowledge your complaint as quickly as possible, normally within one week of receiving it.  

    We will tell you who is dealing with your complaint and will keep you informed at all stages of its progress. 

    Making an Informal Complaint  

    Often the quickest way of resolving a problem is by picking up the phone or calling in and speaking to a member of our Housing Services Team. Any member of the team will be happy to take your details and will do their best to resolve your problem. The more details we have, the easier it will be for us to help you. However you choose to contact us we need to know the following:  

    ● Your name  

    ● Where, when and how we can contact you  

    ● The details of your complaint  

    ● What you want us to do to put things right  

    If the person you speak to or write to cannot deal with your complaint it will be passed on to the most appropriate member of staff.  

    Making a Formal Complaint  

    If you are not happy with the response you receive you may choose to speak or write to the Departmental Manager. In most cases the Manager will be able to deal with your enquiry. If this is not the case you may ask to speak to the Director of the Department in question or, finally, the Chief Executive of the Association.  

    If we cannot deal with your complaint within 28 days we will explain why. 

    Some problems may be beyond the control of the Association and you will be advised if this is the case.